Samstag, November 24, 2012


Alright, people. I think I've been milking the heavy stuff for quite some time now. And now the point has come to touch on some other topics. As you all know, Christmas is approaching. And in case you are not totally counting on being saved by some apocalypse, I am sure you will spend some time thinking about presents and wishes and the economic rush hour that is Christmas time.
If your friends are avid believers in the end of the world, I am sure they will appreciate you packing a survival backpack for them. Which may include tequila (highly recommended), duct tape, chewing gum (MacGyver was never without it), a torch, water filtration kit, basic medication and some of these.
If that doesn't work... I am sorry. You're on your own then. Which can be really tricky especially because Christmas seems to be one of those times when you cannot remember for the life of you all the things you always wanted to have... Which is the original reason for this blogpost. I just remembered what I wanted. And I will post it here, so I can read it later:

comic underwear. No kidding. I always wanted some. If you don't understand what I mean, look here or here.

I will get back to you with more crude wishes later. And in the meantime I encourage you to think about your own. Write them down. Tell people. Otherwise you might get one of those survival backpacks... just saying ;) 

Freitag, November 23, 2012

So are we girlfriends then?

You cannot move away. Not now that technically there is a place for you as my physicist-wife. We could be annoyingly nerdy. We could have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen to songs we're both too young to know. We could throw all our tableware against walls when it gets too unbearable to be at each other's mercy. I could wake you in the dead of night, because early mornings are my thing, and you could hold my hands through the caffeine shock, while I try to join you for a long night. We could be unconventional together. We could think up sweet escape scenarios and arrive at the decision of staying time and again. I could paint a house for you and the colours of a sunrise and we would never move in, but camp in the backyard. We could take ballroom dance classes to embarass your parents on your sister's wedding. We could write endless to-do-lists and then spend the day in bed, because nothing could be more important than that. We could be good together. Really good.

There's just this one thing:
We can't.
You're hung up on that knight of yours and I don't want to get over my ex-girlfriend. So much so, that it makes me nauseous to think the word: Ex-girlfriend.

But let me tell you one thing: There's a really good chance they won't come back. And this thing we're doing right now? That's pathetic. So, you know, once I get over the denial and the anger and the bargaining and the depression... once I get there, I will wake up to see you've been that tad bit quicker. And I will regret it.

Donnerstag, November 22, 2012

Now that is all I've had to say within the last two years

summed up in a two minute dance performance. Impressive.

Ok, Anna Calvi strikes me as slightly uncanny, but this music video is definitely one of my favourites.
Other than that I've come to the conclusion that I cannot be sorry for myself like that for more than two days. So in case this continues, I will embrace the stupidity I was born with, go out there and get me a bloody nose. Nothing like a mess, to clean things up, right?

Mittwoch, November 21, 2012


My heart behaves like a drunkard lately: Stumbling around in my chest, sporting a bluntness nobody can bear and being overly sentimental. I'm aching, I'm sore, but alas, of course I cannot admit it! Now that would ruin everything, wouldn't it?

Dienstag, November 20, 2012

Sterben üben.

Ich bin ertrunken im Traum. Aber das war nicht das Schlimmste. Ich war unter Wasser ohne oben und unten und sank - womöglich - nur noch tiefer Richtung Grund, während meine Lungen brannten und die Panik wuchs. Kein verirrter Lichtstrahl, der die Wasseroberfläche anzeigt, nur kaltes Dunkelblau und schließlich ein tiefer Zug Wasser. Das war das Schlimmste. Der plötzliche Frieden, der sich einstellte, als ich wusste, das nichts mehr zu retten ist. Die Abgeklärtheit des "gleich vorbei".
Beim Augenaufschlag begrüßt mich eine Nebelszenerie wie aus "Angriff der Moorleichen" und etwas ähnliches wie Enttäuschung. Der Wecker klingelt. Ein feuchter Tag, kein nasses Grab erwartet mich.

Sonntag, November 18, 2012

I didn't say never.

But I said "not the next time", "not this time", "not for a while now"... I really don't want to travel alone next year. Not that I dislike the concept in general. It was great the first time I did it. It was mind-bending and eye-opening and much needed. And while all of this might hold true for my last solitary trip, it was also a terribly lonely affair. I felt lonely, lost, desperate and very, very sad. Been great places, saw some truly astonishing scenes, met some nice people... but I was essentially ship-wrecked.
I am trying to make happiness a local affair now. To make myself at home here. And I still want to go places, to travel far and beyond... But I refuse to go alone yet again. I refuse. I'd rather stay here.

Samstag, November 17, 2012

Run. Keep on running.

This was me this morning. This will be me tomorrow morning. And in the meantime I will do the work I neglected all week, start planning my Latin lessons and try to tidy this room. Life is good. Seize it.

Dienstag, November 13, 2012

Truth is...

if sex had any healing power, we'd've cured cancer. And AIDS. But for now my best bet is on that other life when the both of us will be cats.

For this life though, I will make a wish:

I wish you'll find someone who makes you ache with love. Who challenges you and treasures your heart. Someone you can carry over shaky grounds and paint the most vivid dreams for. I wish that they will appreciate the compliments that you are so apt at paying. And that they can be enriched by your refreshing openness as much as you will be by experiencing such certainty. I wish you can build a life that is not so unfamiliar that it scares you, but so extraordinary you hadn't dared hoping for it. I wish that you will grow stronger and wiser and more beautiful with every hurdle in your way. And you shall cherish this world and every step you take in it, your heartbeat and the love it emanates, the countless possibilities and your own unmistakable path. I wish you a happy life.

And for myself, I wish to not become a ghost on some imaginary platform. That would mean a lot already.

Freitag, November 09, 2012

Fingers crossed for you

People are falling apart out there. They are hurting themselves and cutting and transferring all their bruises from the inside to the outside. People who are trying to numb themselves with pain. I know that. Hell, I've been there. The toughest decision is not to take it out on yourself. And you have to make it day in, day out. The pain will not go away immediately. It will linger. It will almost tear you apart. But once you've found a valve for it - one that is not diminishing yourself, because let's face it: we cannot feast on ourselves and expect to not fade away - once you've found a valve, you will experience the pain and the dark going through you. Still scary, still nightmareish horror. But you will grow. You will be able to let go of the sorrow and let the good linger. Everyday a bit longer.
You cannot cut yourself down, like the rest of the world does. Reach out for yourself, be good to yourself. You only have that one body, that one soul. Your dreams and hopes and talents and weaknesses and fears and strengths - you need to hold on to them. Stop the cutting, the purging, the starving, stop beating yourself up. Show mercy. You can do it. Bit by bit. Step by step.

Montag, November 05, 2012

Why it is so crucial to make time for this:

I was angry with this day. When I got up really early and was told in school to come back 5 hours later. When I sat around in the office, unable to work because I had left my verb lists at home. When I drove back to school and was told to come again tomorrow. When I stood in line in the supermarket. When I mopped the corridor and cooked my lunch and tried to prepare this week's linguistic exercises - I was angry. I was so angry, I was ranting while biking to the park. Complaining about drivers and the wind and red lights... I was angry with this day. Possibly with myself.

On my way home, I am singing that Bruce Springsteen song. A smile is on my lips. I am at peace. For once. Not at war with myself.

I'll love you like I love you, then I'll die...

I was so preoccupied with my own fear of encountering you unexpectedly somewhere here, that I forgot.

I forgot Vienna's graffiti-stained skin.
Its gravity-strained skies.
The numbered clouds,
all neatly counted.
Number two is my favourite.
How could I forget?

How could I forge a sky
without sixteens?
No sum could make up for this.
You remain in the cracks,
a fractional number
with no name and no rain.

The wind whispers deluge,
and we wither away.
Our reflections in the puddles,
upsidedown and dislodged.
I've counted and calculated,
now I'm bankrupt of love.

Sonntag, November 04, 2012

Wunderbare Dinge

Morgen beginnt mein letztes Schulpraktikum und um den Entspannungsausgleich zu schaffen (und weil ich diese Woche ein unerhörtes Kilometerpensum gelaufen bin), habe ich dieses Wochenende hauptsächlich nur so rumgegammelt. Herrlich. Aber ab morgen gibts wieder Hundert Prozent. Praktikum, Tutorium, Verben kategorisieren, Masterarbeit abgeben, Schritt für Schritt alles abhaken. Außerdem geschieht nebenbei etwas. Es werden Tüten bedruckt. Das heißt - vielleicht werden Tüten bedruckt! Ich habe einen erneuten Anfall von Schenkwut. Die Opfer sind noch nicht auserkoren, aber das Leitmotiv ist schon klar. Außerdem will ein Sommer geplant werden, aber das muss vielleicht noch bis Weihnachten warten.Es findet sich Schritt für Schritt heraus.