Sonntag, März 16, 2014

Sometimes the only thing we can do is not care.

I have been on a splendid trip to Berlin this week. As my first trip in the role of the teacher (or something akin to teacher) it was a quite worthy premiere. We had fabulous sunshine, brought all students back safe and managed to get through the week without bigger crises. Somewhat unexpectedly, a few students used the opportunity to get a tattoo, a new hair do or manicure. But obviously that is of no concern for the Norwegian teachers, so after a few moment of incredulous awe, I just went along with it. After all, they are not my responsibility.

While we got a first glimpse at wonderful spring time, Norway welcomed us with a heavy storm. I hope the winds will die down in the next few days so that I can get to Helsinki without delay :).

I know, I haven't been updating a lot lately (partly due to planning the Berlin trip) but things are swell here. The language is finally at a level where I am quite confident using it; I have written applications for teacher training; I have more German lessons at the lower secondary level now... and life is just good. Just like that.

Also, while in berlin I met up with my mom and it was really good to see her. I didn't realize that I had missed her so much and it was nice to have just an evening to ourselves and go out for dinner and catch up.