Mittwoch, Oktober 30, 2013

Cultivate forgetting

I sit next to you as you cry quietly. What can I do but wait for you to find your voice again, to let your accent cascade over my skin again, to enthrall me... I want to make you sell all your clothes. I want to pause that movie playing on the screen and turn your head so I can breathe you. I want to run my fingers up your arm and pull you close. No promises. May others stumble along on their quest for "the one" - all I want is to make out with you. Just a few moment of ragged breathing and half-closed eyes. What do you say?
The ending credtis are just about to roll and we'll be sitting here in the dark for another few minutes... say we make up a dance to go with this epic score - what's the worst that could happen?


Comenius meeting in Bergen was great! The national agency took us out for dinner and I have learned English Language acitivities and a few drinking games. We've been up Fløyen and watched a few movies that ran at the Bergen International Film Festival. Now there are plans of visiting one another and travelling a bit. And the people. Oh, the lovely people (see beginning of this post).


There comes a point when you have hurt too many and loved too often. When you're not a pioneer anymore but rather a regular traveller on these paths. And you might stop celebrating all the milestones you pass, all the mountains you climb, all the rivers you cross. You might stop. And forget the song the birds taught you once. Because you knowknowKNOW all the steps down this road. Feel your feet. Is this really the same old street? Cultivate forgetting. There's so little to gain in remembrance.

Dienstag, Oktober 22, 2013

The trick to life...

I have been to the bigger cities during the autumn break and I enjoyed Oslo tremendously. I was also really happy just having continuous company for a few days. It can get a little lonely in Etne after all. On that note, I feel like I have gone through the critical steps of acclimatization now and will spend the next few weeks making a real effort at fully fledged integration here. I will let you know how that goes.
I am a bit annoyed with my language progress and I will have to reinforce an everyday routine of actually learning vocab. Because while I am reading Fridtjof Nansen's book on his ski expedition in Greenland, I have the feeling it is giving me not a lot languagewise.

Tomorrow evening, I will make my way to Bergen for the Assistant Meeting. I am looking forward to that a lot. Bergen will get another chance to present itself in another light (sunshine maybe?) and I am sure the long weekend with the other assistants will be great fun.


The way you closed your eyes
and soon were askew
in a blaze of nothingness
made me wish for
blank pages
an off switch
to my pirouette thoughts.

Now the white noise of my processing
has ceased.

When I close my eyes tonight
there'll be the afterglow
of a thousand flashlights
that found
no hint
no sign
of the secrets they sought.

Maybe the trick to life
is not understanding.

Freitag, Oktober 04, 2013

"Ohne Geld, ohne Plan..."

"...ich bin gerannt bis zum Gleis und gefahren."

Gestern die erste Wanderung mit Station auf einer Hütte. Turid und Ingelin haben mich mitgenommen, um den letzten Sonnentag für lange Zeit zu nutzen (und da es heute schon den ganzen Tag regnet, scheinen sie Recht zu behalten). Die Luft war klar und der Ausblick dementsprechend grandios: