Dienstag, Oktober 22, 2013

The trick to life...

I have been to the bigger cities during the autumn break and I enjoyed Oslo tremendously. I was also really happy just having continuous company for a few days. It can get a little lonely in Etne after all. On that note, I feel like I have gone through the critical steps of acclimatization now and will spend the next few weeks making a real effort at fully fledged integration here. I will let you know how that goes.
I am a bit annoyed with my language progress and I will have to reinforce an everyday routine of actually learning vocab. Because while I am reading Fridtjof Nansen's book on his ski expedition in Greenland, I have the feeling it is giving me not a lot languagewise.

Tomorrow evening, I will make my way to Bergen for the Assistant Meeting. I am looking forward to that a lot. Bergen will get another chance to present itself in another light (sunshine maybe?) and I am sure the long weekend with the other assistants will be great fun.


The way you closed your eyes
and soon were askew
in a blaze of nothingness
made me wish for
blank pages
an off switch
to my pirouette thoughts.

Now the white noise of my processing
has ceased.

When I close my eyes tonight
there'll be the afterglow
of a thousand flashlights
that found
no hint
no sign
of the secrets they sought.

Maybe the trick to life
is not understanding.

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