Dienstag, November 13, 2012

Truth is...

if sex had any healing power, we'd've cured cancer. And AIDS. But for now my best bet is on that other life when the both of us will be cats.

For this life though, I will make a wish:

I wish you'll find someone who makes you ache with love. Who challenges you and treasures your heart. Someone you can carry over shaky grounds and paint the most vivid dreams for. I wish that they will appreciate the compliments that you are so apt at paying. And that they can be enriched by your refreshing openness as much as you will be by experiencing such certainty. I wish you can build a life that is not so unfamiliar that it scares you, but so extraordinary you hadn't dared hoping for it. I wish that you will grow stronger and wiser and more beautiful with every hurdle in your way. And you shall cherish this world and every step you take in it, your heartbeat and the love it emanates, the countless possibilities and your own unmistakable path. I wish you a happy life.

And for myself, I wish to not become a ghost on some imaginary platform. That would mean a lot already.

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