Freitag, November 09, 2012

Fingers crossed for you

People are falling apart out there. They are hurting themselves and cutting and transferring all their bruises from the inside to the outside. People who are trying to numb themselves with pain. I know that. Hell, I've been there. The toughest decision is not to take it out on yourself. And you have to make it day in, day out. The pain will not go away immediately. It will linger. It will almost tear you apart. But once you've found a valve for it - one that is not diminishing yourself, because let's face it: we cannot feast on ourselves and expect to not fade away - once you've found a valve, you will experience the pain and the dark going through you. Still scary, still nightmareish horror. But you will grow. You will be able to let go of the sorrow and let the good linger. Everyday a bit longer.
You cannot cut yourself down, like the rest of the world does. Reach out for yourself, be good to yourself. You only have that one body, that one soul. Your dreams and hopes and talents and weaknesses and fears and strengths - you need to hold on to them. Stop the cutting, the purging, the starving, stop beating yourself up. Show mercy. You can do it. Bit by bit. Step by step.

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