Samstag, November 24, 2012


Alright, people. I think I've been milking the heavy stuff for quite some time now. And now the point has come to touch on some other topics. As you all know, Christmas is approaching. And in case you are not totally counting on being saved by some apocalypse, I am sure you will spend some time thinking about presents and wishes and the economic rush hour that is Christmas time.
If your friends are avid believers in the end of the world, I am sure they will appreciate you packing a survival backpack for them. Which may include tequila (highly recommended), duct tape, chewing gum (MacGyver was never without it), a torch, water filtration kit, basic medication and some of these.
If that doesn't work... I am sorry. You're on your own then. Which can be really tricky especially because Christmas seems to be one of those times when you cannot remember for the life of you all the things you always wanted to have... Which is the original reason for this blogpost. I just remembered what I wanted. And I will post it here, so I can read it later:

comic underwear. No kidding. I always wanted some. If you don't understand what I mean, look here or here.

I will get back to you with more crude wishes later. And in the meantime I encourage you to think about your own. Write them down. Tell people. Otherwise you might get one of those survival backpacks... just saying ;) 

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