Sonntag, November 03, 2013

Did I say I'm just a boy?

My family was over for a long weekend visit. We saw waterfalls and vast mountain scapes, we played cards and tag, we cooked and smiled quietly. Now they are back in Germany again and I feel more than ever that I am free to do whatever I want. Free. And that feels amazing. So I was flashing that 800W-smile on the busride home from Haugesund, mapping out a biking route for when I finally have a bicycle. I nodded to the girls sitting next to me and scored a free ride fom Ølen to Etne.

Now I have watched the Halloween episode of Grey's Anatomy and while I enjoyed it, I think it might be time to part ways with this series. I miss Christina's spot-on one liners and as much as I enjoy all the Shepherd-Grey family bliss, I miss Meredith's abandonment issues. Somehow the magic has fizzled out over the last episodes... So I have to find myself something else to cry to.

Tomorrow is the first day of my half-marathon training (that might turn into a marathon training) and I am pumped. Also, I really want to play guitar and write songs.

I turned the heating on after days of rain
now the steam is rising
you asked if I could love you again
you'd been to the horizon
and you went on
you went beyond

you've seen the sex we could've had
and it made you think
maybe we still could pick up on that
now you're on the brink
tipping the scale -
how could we fail?

You asked if I could love you again
now the tide is rising
would I dare coming back to this pain
to this bleak horizon?
Well, the answer is no

I still love you, though

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