Dienstag, November 19, 2013

"All is full of love...

...you just ain't receiving. Your phone is off the hook..." - I got sucked into a Björk concert from 2001 and I rediscovered some of her lines that I had forgotten all about. Although, I am posting probably the most well-known here, I also had a dream-like experience when listening to "possibly maybe" again.

What if it was true, though? What if it was true for you? What if your phone was off the hook? What if your door was shut? I have to blog this, because I can hardly ask you. I would send you the concert... but I am afraid your ears are deaf to this kind of fatalism. I, on the other hand, am returning to it.
What if it was true for you?

I am asking this and cannot seem to escape the arrogance that comes with such questions. There's no room for sympathy here. I will just keep floating. If it doesn't make you do crazy things, it is not real. Or is that a lie? We have rationalized what we could and yet we keep stretching our every limb to reach across that abyss and lay our hands on the raw forces of desire. This is inhumane. It is divine.

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