Samstag, November 09, 2013

We fuck and we fight...

I can see it now. How we meet in an all encompassing stillness against this backdrop of pale blue sky and dry grass. There's no song playing in the backs of our heads. Certainly not Arcade Fire or Angus & Julia Stone. There will be none of the scores we envisioned for our subtitled lives. I can see us meeting. Not in the summertime, but still with that golden hue on our skins. You won't vomit light and I won't be bent over in pain. We will have come a long way. You will be a man - all of a sudden -, not an idea, not a hero anymore. And I? I will be shattered beyond belief. All muted colours and tentativeness.
We will meet and it will be so real that we refuse to believe it. I can see it now. In a bleak world, bored out of our minds, half-asleep from the numbness we will discover desire. And it will be everything we've dreamed of and nothing like we imagined.

Burn me to the ground.

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