Montag, April 08, 2013

A love-letter or a break-up song

I've seen the mountain where you laid your heart bare for me. The snow had melted and some long lost flowers grew. And down there in the valley I couldn't help wondering how you spent your life on all the chances you blew. I've climbed that mountain because I hoped to discover that all was not lost, but guess what I found? The snow had melted and the year was another, but lover to lover - there's still a heart on the ground. Is it yours? Or mine? Or anyone's at all? There are libraries of things that we don't know. We have to trust this world - ever turning - to do the right thing... is that so?
I've seen the mountain and I dared to move it. I dragged it across the earth just an inch - and now the world turns faster, now the world turns slower! Not for you though, honey, 'cause now you never go there... I moved a mountain and realized there was no fault in our plan, only maybe that we had none.
You laid your heart bare. Who said this had to be difficult?


I will be stubborn and over-the-top and maybe even despicable sometimes. And you will have to love that about me as well. I will? Yes. Okay then. Thanks for the heads up.

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