Montag, April 22, 2013

I was seventeen once. Now I am late.

I am a young twenty-five now. As opposed to an old twenty-four. I have a letter composed in my head and it is about where my life might be going right now and about how the future changed fundamentally at some point. But I don't know who to send it to. There is no hope for answer and I would like that one replied to even if it is not in any direct way answerable. The spring, the sunshine, the hormonal tidal waves blow some lines of verse my way. We'll see how that turns out. But the sheer prospect of creating something is delightful. The strangest dream came to me last night. I had twins and an affair with my ex-wife who didn't know about my kids. And they were boys but I gave them girls' names. Strange dreams are my favourite. Always sharpening my vision for how my life could play out very differently than what I set out for. Ex-wife. Children. Transgender. Also, I have found a new aspiration. Which is so unlooked for, that I can't even bother to care about its consumerist nature. I lack aspiration at the moment. That is why I am going to seize this one. A tin bath tub. For bathing on the balcony/in the garden. I just remembered this weekend how we used to do this at my grandma's place. So for now, I have a goal. We'll make it work from there onwards.

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