Freitag, September 21, 2012

Change course now

I've been around for some time now,
the summers came and went,
and every sunrise followed a sunset,
time flowed without being bent,
and every August there were hot nights,
every Sunday just empty streets,
and sometimes I heard your voice,
but you weren't there with me.

I got drunk under starry skies,
stayed sober with nothing to dream,
and we waited for the next chapter,
not knowing what this one could mean.
Maybe more drugs would be helpful
or a little more love for you,
or could you knock me unconscious,
I think that might as well do.

Please remind me again what we wanted
and how far we are from it now,
empty shells of a dream left behind
and our ships long run aground.
I've been around for some time now,
for empty summers and lonely space,
and the echoes are slowly fading
it's just days and nights and days.

And every autumn we try anew,
this time in a last attempt,
and if it doesn't work out at all,
we'll just say it came and went.

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