Samstag, August 27, 2011

And then - this.

The last weeks have been a time of high commotion for me: Searching for a flat again, moving in, doing most of Amsterdam's museums in 5 days, visiting home for 40 minutes to say that I am still alive, boarding a train to South Tyrol with a racing heart and a lunatic smile, taking the greatest pleasure in silly conversations and a few days later standing on Bergamo airport again, Verona's stuffy heat already foreshadowing - and it is there that I forget all the things I thought I knew. It is there that all my thinking, my revelations and triumphs over myself are no longer valid. But I shrug it off and think "Anyway.".

Italy has been one of the greatest trips ever. We stayed at Laura's parents' house, driving around from there to Verona, Lake Garda, Cles, making an impression we came to be proud of. Getting soaked by the sprinklers of the hostel in Verona, people labeled us as being crazy and we threw them blank looks, because clearly they were crazy, staying dry in this unbearable heat! After the first water fight was held with water bottles, we upgraded to water pistols, heightening the craziness in Cles, but in an outburst of sensibility left the vineyard without splashing about.

Now I am back in Leipzig, thinking that a week is far too short. While my clothes are still dirty I already plan going to Innsbruck in a few weeks which is still unbelievable for me. Unbelievable. That the past weeks should culminate into this. I think I might be at a loss of words for now.

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