Mittwoch, Mai 01, 2013

Every month was May.

And then you go back and see that you wanted to build your life on one month. One month of confusion and pain that is. And what is more - you have to admit that you would do it again. If anybody has cheated you out of your luck, it was yourself. But life doesn't work like this with the pointed fingers and neatly written bills to account for all the faults that we covered ourselves in. No. Life was wonderful. And I decided to believe that a one month rollercoaster ride could be the perfect foundation for the kind of fairytale I wanted to write. I made that choice. I changed my life. And it was the right thing. Even though all that sweetness turned into bitterness at some point. Even though our exploratory conversations turned into elaborated small talk. I was all in. And I was the first to head out in an effort to keep us alive.

For a while now a certain realization is dawning on me. The world has swallowed us whole. I won't get the wondrous conversations back. And certainly not the all-mapped-out life-plan I jumped into once. Life has been going on all around us. I understand that. I understand there's no turning back, no making up, no starting afresh. It wouldn't be my kind of life if there was. And fortunately the time has come where even I am starting to move on.
But you have to try for magic. You have to try. Even if it means recklessly believing against your better judgement.

If this is the cage of expectations you were so afraid of, I am sorry. But you owe me. You owe me being the happiest you can possibly be.

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