Montag, Februar 04, 2013

Will I ever grow wise?

Do you remember how we wanted to study medicine, you and me? We had a thing for lost causes, for hoping against hope, for crescendos and doing everything in our power to make something happen... We were our own personal superheroes. It was a thing. Our lives were raw and unrestrained and full of fear and joy and giddiness and sometimes nausea. From wanting too much. We subtitled our days in the desperate attempt to make everybody feel this. This. The rush. The wonder and amazement. The pain cutting right down to the bone. We got up in the mornings and we got drunk in the nights, if not on alcohol then on love, the craving for more aching in the backs of our throats. We wanted to study medicine or become rockstars or die really young. We wanted something.

Six years have passed and though I cannot speak for you, I seem to be just as desperate and hungry and full of illusions as I was back then. I cannot imagine that my heartbeat will be drowned out by a white noise. I still believe in forever and that I can make this world stop. I still love the way you used to. You know, the kind of love that makes for graffitis on the walls of your room and songs written in the dead of night. The kind of love that makes you dizzy with fear and recklessly brave. It's the kind of love you are certain nobody else has ever experienced. Gosh, how often we died on platforms faced with leaving trains! ... I heard, you're living the dream with the girl we went all crazy about. I hope it's true. You know how we spoke about marriage, back when it was a far-away concept? When we were so sure that once we could make someone understand, it would last 'til we died? Well, it seems I got married. And you seem to be in there for life as well. So you might want to think about doing her the honour and give her an opportunity to wear an absolutely stunning white dress, obsess over guestlists and cakes and family and make it official. I'm sure, you could pull it off. Because you might not see it, but you are the goddamn prince. All shiny and heroic, with the pathos and the pain. And I wish you all the best.

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