Freitag, Oktober 05, 2012


I can't quite decide whether I am childish or just refuse to succumb to all this desillusionment. Have you ever imagined yourself as a superhero? I mean, recently. Or maybe not as a superhero, but 'merely' as a hero? Someone who saves lives, nations, the world? Someone who has to put up against villains in the realm of impending desaster? Well. From time to time I do. For instance, today I have to categorize a list of roughly 200 verbs according to Levin's verb classes. And who knows, maybe someday that skill will come in handy? Maybe my knowledge that flow is a verb of entity-specific modes of being will save the world someday. Or my degree at least :).
I still think of my life as some kind of action movie and everybody else can be as grown up as they want. I will run as if there's a fight to prepare for, study as if it might save the world someday and live as ift the end was lurking round the corner. Pathos, here I come.

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