Samstag, März 30, 2013

I'm a lover

I fall for beautiful girls with radiant smiles. And you might wonder what's so special about that. Everything. I can be faithful in a way that overcomes rejection and I can be fickle collecting crushes like baseball cards. I decide. Once I'm in, I'm in. I'm a lover. And while I am still trying to learn how to swim, rather than drowning everytime, I do believe in this force as something undeniable and ultimately, something positive.
I fall for beautiful girls with radiant smiles or clever eyes or a bold stride and I break myself around them most of the time. But nevertheless it's for the better, I think. Those moments of racing hearts and secret smiles and sometimes sparks... that is worth something. It has to be. It is never pointless, nor wrong, nor futile. That motion propels us along on our ways. It shapes us significantly. Irrevocably.
I'm a lover. And I am growing so I can one day be humble. Just recently I finally learned something essential: Forgiveness. And that there is a difference between talking it and feeling it.
I fall for girls who grab me by the heart. And I refuse to let them go without a fight. But I am still growing so I can one day be humble and open my hands. Then maybe the pain will blossom into light and weightlessness.

I lost to watch you win.

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