Mittwoch, Dezember 12, 2012

"Don't move so slow..."

"... I can't take it..." Because I felt I was getting nowhere and because I need all my procrastination for university and work, I decided to set up a new plan for training that is less vague and trades rest days for alternative activity. I am on it since Monday and so far I am not quite sure what to think of it. I haven't run this slowy for a very long time. And I haven't laced up my running shoes for a mere 5 kilometers for the same time. It feels a bit ridiculous. But I will give the plan a chance. So far it is laid out for 6 weeks and the intervals(starting next week! :) ) look quite challenging. Hopefully, it will be less frustrating then. For now I am just running reeeeeeeeally slowly. Which might be an advantage considering the snow and the ice on the street...


If somehow, miraculously, you were given ten days, ten nights and no morning beyond - where would you take them? If you had ten days left, what would you eat, where would you sleep, what would you see? For 240 hours, how much would you allow yourself to feel? If we were given counted time, instead of endless endeavour, would all of this still matter? Would we still plan ahead and have to deal with regret? If we were sure it ended, would we begin to begin? Or can't we break out, is this numbness our skin?
Maybe you have ten days. Or maybe it's two. Or twenty-thousand. Maybe it's always to soon. And if I had ten nights and no morning beyond... I'd spend some with you.
And nothing hurt.

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